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Being Black: Knowing Beauty

Photo Credit: Jonnae Chantele (Me!)

I dig the skin I’m in. I love how my face glistens when I wash my face. I love how (some days) I wake up and feel like I don’t need make-up on to enhance my beauty. I love my wide nose, and high cheek bones. The melanin that runs through my veins gives me the confidence to walk with my head held high, gradually proving to everyone just how ba-ad* I am and cannot be limited to the negative portrayals of me on a daily basis.

I enjoy seeing my brothers and sisters, all shades of brown, walk with such pride as they come to realize who they are, whose they are, and where they are going. I love the resiliency of my people. I can see the impact we have (and are having) on the world. We have the most emulated culture there is (I don’t have to prove this**, history does).

We are creative. We are talented. (And no we aren’t just athletes, singers and dancers, though we exceed greatly at each of these.) We are innovators. We are the matriarchs and the patriarchs of our households. We are royalty, Kings & Queens, as one of my dear friends says.

When we learn our history, when we find out things about ourselves that we didn’t know before, we begin to act accordingly. When we begin to see how rich our culture is, we can’t help look in the mirror and see that in our own selves.

Speak with some authority. Speak as if all that you want to accomplish is already written out in plain view…because it is.

My Black skin is what give me the confidence to go after opportunities that I know I deserve just as much as my White counterparts. That light shines within me because I have firm knowledge of who I come from and my purpose while I’m here on this beautiful earth.

“I Am Black

I Am Beautiful…

& Even in My Errors

I Am Hip”

– Nikki Giovanni

*Ba-ad: (adj.) as in being hella dope, not just good, but great; FIERCE

**At a later date, I will be, what some say, “dropping that knowledge” on that history/herstory.

Live Abudantly,

Laugh Some More & (if You Can Stand It…)

Love With ALL of Your Heart



What Worries Me

While we’re out worrying about

finding jobs

keeping jobs

getting paid

paying bills


(which takes up most of our lives; causing us to be less and less interested in human interaction)

the accruing interest of student loans

(for some of us)

what men want

what women want

what our children want

the business

of celebrities

the business

of social media

(honestly no one cares about your invented relationship goals/what i should or should not do with a partner/that so and so are no longer together or are they?/or that you just saved a million dollars on your car insurance by switching to Geico)

an unrequited love

thoughts that won’t go away of

feeling inadequate

faking it until i make it

(when i’m not even sure if i’m going to make it

whatever “it” is)

someone misunderstanding

my intentions

(when i plead with queen nina and sing “please don’t let me be misunderstood, no one can always be an angel”)

we are inevitably abandoning

so many blessings

that have come our way—

completely missing opportunities–

because we were too busy

worrying about things





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