IMG_2571Hi! My name is Jonnae Chantele, and I will be your entertainment for as long as you stop by.

It is is my belief that a heart that has not ever uttered a word, is unknowing of the gifts and ideas he or she is capable of giving to the world. There fore it is my personal mission to allow YOU ALL, my precious and FIERCE readers to see that anything is possible if you just have faith and believe.

You will be educated, entertained and provided a new outlook on life, hopefully, and then you can go on and fulfill your own dreams.

I, myself, did not know what I was capable of until I took a leap of faith and realized I had a lot going on for myself.

A little bit about me, I am a graduate of Indiana State University (Go Sycamores!). I have my Bachelor’s in Communication with a concentration in Journalism.


If you haven’t guessed by now, I love to write. Writing is my voice, how I can communicate effectively with the masses. It always has been. From the time I could put a pen in my hand, to the time I could create my first sentence, writing has been the way people know what I’m talking about.

There’s no telling what people are going to get when they give me pen and paper, or better yet a laptop with internet access. 🙂

But one thing I hope and pray that everyone gets out of this blog is a better view of your own life. I hope this blog motivates, inspires, and moves anyone that clicks on this page. May it make you think and consider your own purpose in life. And once you realize your purpose don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling it!

Because guess what, honey??!!

You Are FIERCE !

(P.S. Make sure you Like, Comment & Subscribe!!!)


Live Abundantly

Laugh Some More &

Love with All Your Heart,

Jonnae Chantele

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